Goleta Valley Chamber Awards TechEase the Spirit of Business Award

By May 7th in Community, News

In response to the Jesusita Fire, TechEase Computer Solutions is opening its office to residents affected by the fire.  The Santa Barbara computer support company will also provide three months of online backups for free to new clients wishing to protect their important data from loss due to fire or the surrounding fall-out.

Wifi, phones, printers, fax machines, as well as workstations with internet access will be provided to residents in the Jesusita Fire evacuation area free of charge in the TechEase office, located at 511 East Gutierrez Street in Santa Barbara.  Residents whose computers have been damaged by the fire may bring them to the TechEase office for complimentary on-site data recovery work.

While some computers may be damaged by the fire itself, the electrical outages caused by the fire have potential to cause far more data loss.

“Computer users should be aware that each time the power surges or you experience a brown-out or outage, there is potential for data loss,” explained Evan Asher, co-owner of TechEase.

“If you don’t need to use your computer during the fire, unplug it from the wall.  Eventually, though, all computers will experience data loss of some sort, due to power fluctuations or part failure.  There are simple ways to reduce the impact of data loss, and the easiest is to install an online backup program like Mozy.”

Mozy (www.mozy.com) is a program which automatically backs up all of your data to secure servers every day.  For $4.95/month, unlimited documents, photos, e-mail and any other important data can be backed up and stored for 30 days.  Should a fire, theft or other damage occur, data can be downloaded again from Mozy’s website.

TechEase is offering a special to encourage computer users to backup their data with Mozy.  “We will pay for your first 3 months of Mozy to try it out.  Nobody ever expects that they’ll need backups, but as we’ve seen, catastrophes happen when we least expect it.  Having this simple, inexpensive solution in place will save a lot of heartache,” says Asher.

Displaced residents are encouraged to stop by the TechEase office to say hello, use free internet access and discuss plans for recovery.

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